Efico Foundation Projects World Map
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Country Region Project Title
Bolivia 1 Ichilo Rainforest Alliance certification coffee crops
Bolivia 2 Yungas and El Alto;
La Paz
Worker rights (Palliris) in coffee farms
Bolivia 3 North and South Yungas Promoting organic coffee agriculture activities related to pre-processing
Bolivia 4 Ichilo Ecological coffee production
Brazil 5 Uruçuca region; Bahia Leolinda, improving water conservation and living conditions in cocoa production
Cameroon 6 Dja Biosphere Reserve Cocoa agroforestry practices
Cameroon 7 Dja Biosphere Reserve Cultivation of cocoa in rural villages
Colombia 8 Santander; Coromoro "Education for the future" in Santander updated
Colombia 9 Antioquia southwest region, Andean Region of Colombia Support to the ‘youth with future’ program for Colombia coffee growers and their families
Colombia 10 Northern Nariño Strengthening productive and association capabilities of 100 smallholder specialty coffee producers
Colombia 11 Santander; Kachalù Kachalù coffee: education for a sustainable future & ICT in the Santander rural school
Colombia 12 Santander; Kachalù Kachalù Coffee: sustainable education for development
Colombia 13 Antioquia, Caldas, Santander, Risaralda and Valle del Cauca Implementation of the 4C verification and the Rainforest Alliance certification programs
DR Congo 14 Nganda Sundi and Lubuzi Support for sustainable cocoa production with technical training and commercialization
DR Congo 15 North Kivu Utz certification program and quality improvement
DR Congo 16 South Kivu Relaunch of coffee farming with the creation of a coffee producers cooperative
El Salvador 17 Ilamatepec Apaneca
Cordillera, The Balsam
Mountains and
Chinameca Tecapa
Water purification in the rural coffee areas of El Salvador
Ethiopia 18 Dale Woreda,
Southern Nations Ethiopia
Access to schooling, quality education and structural development of 4 primary schools updated
Ethiopia 19 Djimmah Diversifying farms and forests: Bee-keeping for additional income
and increased ecosystem services in Ethiopian coffee forests
Ethiopia 20 Sidamo Upgrading the wet mill machine of Ferro coffee cooperative
Ethiopia 21 Sidamo Building sustainable coffee drying beds in Ferro Farmers Cooperative
Ethiopia 22 Sidamo Pilot project: improving waste water treatment in Bokasso cooperative
Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Western Africa 23 Western Africa, Kenya, Tanzania & Ethiopia Dissemination of the 4C illustrated guide to reach out to more coffee producers in Africa
Ethiopia 24 SNNPR and Oromia region Promoting wild forest coffee as a sustainable livelihood
Ethiopia 25 Oromia Harenna Forest Wild Coffee Slow Food Presidium
Ethiopia 26 Djimmah and Sidamo First Rainforest Alliance certification for smallholder Ethiopian coffee farmers
Ghana 27 Volta region; Togo Plateau New, improved, variety cocoa nursery development and agroforestry systems resource and training project
Guatemala 28 Huehuetenango Improved wet mill facilities of smallholder coffee farmers
Guatemala 29 Sacatepéquez
and Retalhuleu
Education as alternative for the prevention of child labor
during coffee season and for a better development
Guatemala 30 San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta; San Marcos Education, food production gardens and wood efficient stoves for 'El Platanillo' family workers
Guatemala 31 Quetzaltenango,
San Marcos, Sololá,
Guatemala, Santa Rosa,
Jutiapa, Huehuetenango
and Alta Verapaz
Providing solar lighting to rural families
Guatemala 32 Quetzaltenango,
San Marcos, Sololá,
Guatemala, Santa Rosa,
Jutiapa and Alta Verapaz
Safe drinking water at home: bring water filters into the
households of Guatemalan women in coffee growing regions
Guatemala 33 San Rafael Las Flores "Foundations for growth: installing improved stoves and latrines in San Rafael Las Flores"
Guatemala 34 6 regions, in coffee producing areas Equipment of water filters providing source of life and leverage of sustainable development
Guatemala 35 Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador Implementing climate-friendly coffee farming in Central America
Guatemala 36 El Duraznito, Jalapa A communal room with care center for the community of Duraznito
Guatemala 37 San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta; San Marcos Computer center in the rural elementary school of El Platanillo
Guatemala 38 El Duraznito; Jalapa Sustainable natural resource management “Water for the village”
Guatemala 39 El Platanillo and Fraijanes Promoting climate-friendly practices in coffee, Pilot Project
Guatemala 40 El Duraznito; Jalapa Renovation of two classrooms in El Duraznito elementary school
Guatemala 41 San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta; San Marcos Building of the Finca El Platanillo elementary school
Guatemala 42 San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta; San Marcos Rainforest Alliance certification for Finca El Platanillo
Honduras 43 La Campa; Lempira A healthy living and environment for the coffee community updated
Honduras 44 Copán, Lempira and Ocotepeque Training for sustainable coffee cultivation (continuation of the project in 2005-2008)
Honduras 45 Copán and Ocotepeque Utz Certified re-certification program (second and third)
Honduras 46 Copán and Ocotepeque Utz Certified program for Inaginsa
Honduras 47 Copán, Lempira and Ocotepeque Training on sustainable coffee cultivation
Indonesia 48 Northern Sumatra Transforming coffee cooperatives
Nicaragua 49 Jinotega Micro-credits for small coffee producers
Nicaragua 50 Jinotega, Matagalpa, Boaco, Nueva Segovia and Esteli Improve the quality of drinking water by providing water filters, training and monitoring
Nicaragua 51 Matagalpa and Jinotega Micro-credits
Nicaragua 52 Matagalpa and Jinotega Comprehensive education project
Peru 53 San Martin Young workers at the service of the sustainable coffee in agroforestry systems
in North Eastern Peru
Peru 54 Junin; Chanchamayo;
Perene district
Strengthening management and production capacities
Peru 55 Cuzco region Training exchange program with cocoa producers in Ecuador
Peru 56 San Ignacio; Cajamarca Empowerment via verification - C.A.F.E. Practices Program
Switzerland 57 Geneva Spanish translation of “Coffee - An Exporter’s Guide”
Vietnam 58 Province Binh Thuân Districts
Dùc Linh and Tánh Linh
Promotion of cost-effective techniques