• A private, not-for-profit foundation, and one of its kind in Europe, created by Efico in 2003 to promote sustainable coffee production.
  • Through certification, training and education programs, launching or re - launching agricultural production in difficult areas and infrastructure, we work to improve the lives of producers and their families.
  • Through the Efico Foundation we can stimulate dynamic public-private partnerships towards
    sustainable development
  • Since the Efico Foundation was founded, it has supported about 70 sustainable development projects
    in 17 different producing countries.
  • Today, more than 60 roasters in 6 different countries joined the Efico Foundation, four governmental organizations participate financially or through their development agencies in projects,
    together with more than 60 different organizations.
  • Through the activities of the Efico Foundation, the Efico Group is active in its commitment to the principles of the UN Global Compact and to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The Efico Foundation works closely with organizations that protect the ecosystems and conditions of people in producing countries.
  • The Efico Foundation label ensures that the extra you pay for your coffee is 100% invested in the people and their families behind each bean.